Meet some of our team!

Jim LaSarre Jr., President and CEO

Arrow Container was founded by Jim LaSarre Senior over 30 years ago. In 2006, Jim LaSarre Jr. took over and launched Arrow into a new generation. Since then, Jim has made it a priority to focus on continuing the tradition of superior customer service and creativity. Jim started his journey long before he became president as the lone salesman of Arrow Container. He spent many days, nights, and weekends driving and spreading the word about Arrow Container. His selling style and methods earned him many customers almost all of which are still with us today!


Walter Gill, Executive Vice President

Before becoming the Executive Vice President of Arrow Container, Walter Gill was a customer.  He has been in the packaging industry for over 20 years.  His unique way of thinking and innovative mindset has become a culture at Arrow.  Along with Jim, Walter has continued to carry on the family philosophy.  It is nothing for him to throw samples or prototypes in the back of his truck and personally deliver them to our customers.  When not at Arrow, you can find him on the ball field coaching his sons or spending time at his home with family and ever growing pack of dogs.



In 2012 Clare joined the Arrow family and immersed herself into the world of packaging.  Teaming up with Walter and Jim, their creative ideas have forever changed the way a brown box is marketed.  Her intense eye to detail and forward thinking bring a unique style to the Arrow brand.  Clare also embraces the family philosophy and innovative mindset of Arrow Container and this is seen in her every day interactions with employees and customers.  During her down time you can find Clare with her camera in hand or spending time with her family.